Citrus, It's Not Just for Breakfast Now

Today's citrus is less spotted and more awesome. Is it any think about it has turned into an such a popular craft supply? Dried correctly, citrus can make a beautiful addition to flowery arrangements, natural crafts, and also bundle ornaments.

There are lots of various types of Oranges, Grapefruits, Limes and Lemons, and tangerines. Color, size and shape are even essential.


Lemons reach a wide array of sizes. From extremely little to more huge, depending on your harvest department. The size you wish to dry depends upon precisely what you wish to choose the parts for.

Little lemons work great for making spiced honey (see dish). They will be able to suit modest canning containers, with out having to be broken. They are also helpful for contributing to a gallon of iced, or a great hot cup, of tea.

Medium sized lemons. The size found most every where. Can be made use of for crafts, such as natural garlands and dried floral picks.

More big lemons are excellent for framing in a shadow box, or deep frame. They also make excellent dried wreaths.


The sizes of limes differ as much as lemons. The benefits are actually the same. Clean Pro - Charlotte nc With the exception of the teas.


When they are sliced, they show off a wonderful deep orange color. Their color compliments portions of other citrus.


Oranges come in color hues from light orange (juice oranges), to beautiful true orange, to the lesser seen Red of Blood Oranges.
All are great for crafts, specifically the blood oranges. They'll add that something unique to your projects.


These are typically utilized, dried, in dried herbaceous arrangements, herb and spice wreaths, and dried natural garlands. Pink grapefruit can be combined with white ones, or used alone in the similar crafts.

Now for the the best ways to.


Slice the citrus in disks around 1/4 inch thick. Discard any slices with blemishes. Unless a truly natural appearance is exactly what you're after.


Profit-making dehydrators; Arrange the slices, single layered, on the trays. Dry for from 12 to 15 hours.
In your place oven Arrange the pieces on drying wracks, on top of large cookie sheets. Set the heat at 225 * F. Dry, with the oven door open a bit, for 10 to 12 hours.

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